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In 2007 I was commissioned, alongside two French colleagues (JY and Bridenne) to make my own mark on a little book called 'Rugby et sa Musique' - it was intended as a celebration of the world cup, visiting France that year.   While cartoonists are not famous for their love of sport, this one was a joy to work on and it was a very good reason to be in Paris.  I've illustrated and collaborated on many books and here are some of them. You may even have seen one or two...

'The Language of Love' and 'The Language of Rugby (Linguaphone), 'Stranger Than Fiction' (Penguin Readers), 'The Funny Book Of'...series including Soccer, Sex, Motoring and Work (Brockhampton Press), Dillons Bookseller Induction Manual (Dillons), 'The Book of Heroic Failures' and 'More Heroic Failures' (Penguin Readers), 'Is That What You Mean?' and 'Is That What You Mean Too?' in collaboration with Paul Hancock (Penguin Readers), 'The Idiot's Guide To Sex' and 'All That' in collaboration with Jed Pascoe (Why Not Publications), 'Coups and Cons' in collaboration with Graham Sharpe (Aesculus Press), 'The Book Of Moving House' in collaboration with Gerry Bel and 'The Handbook Of Sailing and Watersports (Mondria), 'Sir Edward and Nimrod' in collaboration with Jane McCulloch, 'A Hard Man Is Good To Find' in collaboration with Ellie Lane (Star Paperbacks) and a few more but I can't remember them!!

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